Success Stories—our greatest reward as Chiropractors!

As Chiropractors, our approach to care recognizes the unique needs of every client we serve. Our greatest reward is seeing and hearing just how much seeing a chiropractor has improved the lives of those we help!



“Dr. Christian helped make my return from overseas a comfortable experience…”

“My Military deployment in Afghanistan left my neck and back in continual pain—and the long flight and drive back home to Cromwell made things even worse. After feeling no relief from over-the-counter pain killers, I decided to call Dr. Christian…it was the smartest thing I could have done! He examined me, took X-rays, and then made a quick adjustment that I can only describe as ‘amazing.’

I walked into his office hunched over in pain—but left feeling better than I had in over a year! Went back for a few more adjustments, and each left me feeling better than the last.

Dr. Christian helped make my return from overseas a comfortable experience. I only wish he was practicing at the Marine base in Hawaii where we are now stationed!”

David J. Kroha, Cromwell, CT
(Currently living on U.S. Marine Base in Oahu, Hawaii with his Marine wife Brittany)


“‘Thank you’ is insufficient for what they have done for me…”

“In my life, I've seen four different chiropractors. They all had different approaches to patient care. I came into Chiromark expecting similar results; symptom-based care, possibly some PT (physical therapy) and/or a referral out to an orthopedic surgeon. What surprised me, however, was how wrong I was in thinking that Chiromark was just like everyone else!

Not only have my migraines, intermittent back pain and sciatica subsided; my allergies are no longer an issue. I no longer take prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, anxiety suppressants, sleep aids OR allergy pills. I have no need for them!

I recommend Chiromark to literally everyone I know, and even some folks I don't. My husband, four children and mother-in-law are all under care. My close friends are under care. I feel truly blessed and fortunate for Dr. Chris' work in my life. 'Thank you' is insufficient for what they have done for me, my dear friends and family!”

Mollie R.
(Actual testimonial —per request, last name & identity kept confidential)


“…will be forever grateful to Chiromark Chiropractic.”

“Many heart felt thanks to the Dr. Christian Reilly office. I started off thinking that doing the things that Chiropractic care does couldn't possibly be all that safe. All the noise and such that goes along with adjustments. However when I came down with a problem with my neck and shoulder, I did not know where to turn. My husband was a regular patient at Chiromark and suggested I go see them. I was skeptical, but because I was in such pain, Dr. Chris was kind enough to see me right away. He identified that I had a pinched nerve and suggested a schedule of adjustments. Within a week, I was feeling much better and within two weeks, the stiffness and pain was gone. I am now a believer of chiropractic care and will be forever grateful to Chiroimark Chiropractic.

Colleen B.
(Actual testimonial—per request, last name & identity kept confidential)


“After my first adjustment my headaches stopped…”

“I went to Chiromark to help with many things, but two of them were severe headaches and a very tight neck. After my first adjustment my headaches stopped. My neck is much better as well in a surprisingly short amount of time! My eight and five year old sons are also having adjustments and Dr. Reilly is fantastic with children.”

Todd N.
(Actual testimonial—per request, last name & identity kept confidential)


“…feel blessed to have met Dr. Reilly”

“I had been under treatment of a Gynecologist for endometriosis, and had been taking ‘the pill’ for many years — leading to a complete stop of my menstrual cycle.

I first started Chiropractic care for my overall health and wellness, and within two or three weeks noticed huge changes in my body. After getting checked and adjusted for less than one month, while still on the pill continuously, my menstrual cycle began. It lasted a ‘normal’ time, and stopped. I used this opportunity to let my body do its own healing and stopped taking the pill.

I was extremely nervous, but knew that if my body was doing this while on these hormones it must be strong enough to regulate itself without added hormones. Then, exactly thirty days later, I had yet another perfectly normal cycle. This was my first experience of a normal menstrual cycle since my first one, seven years ago.

Being off of the pill and getting adjusted regularly, my energy was flowing. I could run faster, work out harder and my body and mind was feeling clear! I smile brighter and feel happier than ever. Dr. Reilly recommended coming in three times a week for the first month. He also guided me emotionally, as this was a scary time for me; all I had known for seven years was to take huge amounts of hormones. He kept reminding me that my body is fighting back, and it doesn’t have to be scary. My body was doing what it needed to, and I need to listen to what it was telling me!

I recommend chiropractic to everyone I meet. I love Chiromark and feel blessed to have met Dr. Christian Reilly. I love Chiropractic and I am so happy it is a regular part of my life! Chiropractic turns the power on in my body!”

Actual Patient—Age 22
(Actual testimonial—per request,  name & identity kept confidential)



“I'd had moderate to severe neck pain and back pain for almost 30 years...”

I came to Chiromark with scoliosis.  I had neck and back pain, a tingling sensation in my hands, headaches, fatigue, and I wasn't capable of normal mobility.  I'd had moderate to severe neck pain and back pain for almost 30 years.  I wanted the mobility to exercise without pain and to keep my spine in place.  I wanted to be healthy!

I had tried chiropractic before; two years for the scoliosis, then another five for maintenance.  For six years, I had no care.  I'm a big believer in homeopathic and alternative medicines, and I wasn't taking any drugs or medications.  My only doubt about chiropractic was the relationship I would have with the doctor and if we would be able to communicate smoothly.  I had an EXCELLENT first impression of Dr. Chris and Chiromark.  It did not take long at all to build a bond with him and correct the severity of my issues.  Dr. Chris recommended regular adjustments and light exercise until I could handle more exercise.  My mobility increased substantially and my pain receded.  Receiving regular adjustments for me means I'm happer, have less pain and more mobility.  

My daughter also became a patientfor her back pain and it helped her immensely.  I woul recommend that everyone should at least try chiropractic to see if it's the right fit and follow through with the right doctor for them.  I have told at least five people about it and still believe it to be excellent.

Robin G.—Age 49
(Actual testimonial—per request,  last name & identity kept confidential)


“My equestrian trainer told me...”

My equestrian trainer told me my posture while riding is so much better.

 Ruth B.—Age 13
(Actual testimonial—per request,  last name & identity kept confidential)                      

"I can't really explain it...”

I can't really explain it, I just feel so much healthier now that I'm well adjusted!

Karen M.—Age 69
(Actual testimonial—per request,  last name & identity kept confidential)

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