• How a chiropractor can help: Misalignment

    Have you ever considered that looking at your posture is like looking through a window at your spine? A head tilt, high shoulder, high hip or short leg can all be signs of spinal misalignment. When your spine is in proper alignment it is more likely to last longer and move properly. When the spine is out of place, it causes excessive and accelerated wear and tear on your joints. Improper motion within joints over time causes damage to nerves, degenerative disc disease, pain and other health problems.

    The first stressors on the spine that cause misalignments usually happen within the womb in a developing baby. Then, the birthing process can be quite traumatic to your newborn. Other physical stressors children experience during  development include learning how to walk and falling down 25 times a day, wearing a heavy book bag, falling off a bicycle, texting, playing video games, sitting at a computer, being overweight, playing contact sports, slips, falls, and accidents. All these injuries can cause misalignments of the spine in children.

    At Chiromark, our chiropractors know that people with good posture feel better about themselves, have more confidence and higher self-esteem. We know that a golf swing needs to be smooth in order to consistently play well. We know how physically stressful a long day driving in a car or sitting in cramped airplane seat can be on your spine. We know that sitting at a computer for long hours can be exhausting and harmful. We know how important it is for you to be well-adjusted.

    If you or a loved one is suffering from any of the conditions below and you suspect spinal misalignment, call to schedule a ChiroCheck-Up today! We have found the True Cause of health. It is worth a chance to learn if we can help!

  • Visit a Chiropractor for Treatment to Cure Crooked or Poor Posture

    A Chiropractor can make adjustments for poor or crooked posture to alleviate a multitude of nagging or serious symptoms. Sustained poor posture can lead to muscle aches and strains, joint wear problems, tension headaches,and more.

    Chiromark Chiropractic can give you a healthier posture through adjustments and exercises that will help realign your spine to its proper position while restoring tone and balance to your supporting body muscles.

    After a detailed assessment of how and why your posture is compromised, we begin a regiment of adjustments and exercises that will focus on aligning your load-bearing joints, reducing or eliminating the likelihood of posture-related discomfort returning.

  • Breach Baby
  • Leg Length Discrepancy
  • Auto Accident pain relief through Chiropractic Adjustment

    Auto Accident Injuries treated through Chiropractic adjustment can heal faster, providing you with a better state of both physical and emotional well being. Because auto accidents often involve fast, violent counter forces, spine alignment conditions and neck whiplash are often the result. And while high speed accidents can cause immediately evident bodily harm, you may be surprised to realize that even a seemingly mild bumper-to-bumper accident at low speed can result in a whiplash injury.

    Because part of the trauma inflicted in an auto accident comes from your body’s involuntary response as you try to protect yourself, a sudden, unexpected tension of tens ripples through you from head to toe. You literally become “scared stiff” as muscles are strained, ligaments and connective tissue torqued, and joints and vertebrae twisted while your shocked body assumes a violent, unnatural posture.

    Many times, the painful effects of auto accident injuries don’t show up until days, months or even years later. These injuries can often lead to you needing to be partially to completely bedridden, resulting in even further pain and complications. Seeking immediate Chiropractic treatment as soon as possible after an auto accident can often save you from experiencing severe pain.

  • Painful Pregnancy
  • Scollosis
  • Relief from Sports Injuries through gentle Chiropractic adjustments

    “Sports Injury Chiropractors at Chiromark have provided care to athletes of all ages, sport disciplines, and skill levels. Our whole body approach to sports injuries is a healthier, smarter, SAFER option to simply trying to mask injury pain with potentially dangerous medication.

    Using chiropractic adjustments specially selected to treat targeted sports injuries, we naturally correct the underlying issue associated for the injury so the body can heal quicker and correctly. Chiropractic adjustment for sports injury can provide short term pain relief and long-term pain relief while reducing the risk of future reoccurring problem. Another plus of Chiropractic sports injury treatments the reduced the risk of new injuries that occur when a body tries to compensate for pain through adjusted, awkward movements.

    At Chiromark, Our Chiropractors treat common sports injuries through therapies that include strains and sprains, soft tissue damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles, inflammation, and misalignment of the spine. Strain injuries like tennis elbow and golfers back and elbow also respond positively to our adjustment therapies, reducing the stress and inflammation caused by incorrect joint alignment.

    Through intervention from a trained chiropractor, these areas if common sports injury often heal faster and stronger—key for preventing the build up of scar tissue and additional damage to the musculoskeletal system.

  • Wheel Chair Bound
  • Chiropractic Adjustment relief for Work Injuries

    Chiropractic Adjustment for work related injuries can help bring you back to full or partial function faster. At Chiromark of Rocky Hill and Chiromark of Glastonbury, we treat work-related injuries through a three-step process.

    First, we conduct an accurate and thorough diagnose of any work injury symptoms you may be experiencing to pinpoint the exact type of chiropractic adjustment therapy that might best aid you in recovering faster and more completely.

    Second, we help you assess exactly WHAT may be causing your adverse symptoms so that you can adjust or discontinue actions that may be causing harm. While many times discomfort is due to an obvious work injury or accident, there are often not-so-obvious culprits at work.

    Repeated use of the same body part over and over in your work can lead to pain and injury-causing strain. It your occupation requires any repetitive activity such as working at a computer all day, continual bending or reaching, or even just sitting in a tense position over long hours, you may be suffering from a disorder known as Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). RSI symptoms can include pain or numbness in your hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, and also ongoing headaches.

    If your job requires continual motion of the hands, fingers, or wrist, you may find yourself experiencing numbness and tingling sensations in wrist, hand and finger joints, accompanied by neck pain. This condition is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

    With symptom diagnosis and cause identification complete, we move to the third step: Chiropractic adjustment. At Chiromark, our diverse training and skills in virtually all chiropractic techniques assures you will soon be on the road to the fastest and most complete recovery possible.

  • Wry Neck
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